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Guacamelee! 2 – Bigger and Better! | Maverick IGS Review

Made on a new rendering engine which led to DrinkBox Studios using PlayStation 4 as the base platform, Guacamelee! 2 is the successor to the original game and has been improved to be an immersive experience. Juan, the main character, was supposed to get new moves but the developers decided to stay with the original, intuitive ones rather than forcing something uninteresting. It is yet another addition to the relatively modern genre of Metroidvania platformers. 

Story: The game starts with a recap of the end of the last game. Juan successfully saves El Presidente’s Daughter, Lupita, against Calaca. Seven years later, Juan and Lupita are married with children of their own, and Juan being out of shape. Black clouds, however, begin to suddenly appear. Juan’s mentor, Uay Chivo, confronts Juan and tells him that the Mexiverse is in danger. They go to “The Darkest Timeline” and see there that Calaca had killed Juan and Lupita, but was defeated by Salvador who had become corrupt. He wishes to collect three relics and access the Sacred Guacamole to become all-powerful, causing the timelines to destabilize. Juan then goes to reunite with Tostada, to be restored into fighting form for battle. 

Play Style: You control Juan, who is a luchador who fights with punches, kicks, and grapples. Through the journey of the game, Juan acquires many of his powers that he had in the previous game and re-learns his abilities. In addition to that, he learns new tricks that his teacher instructs to him, which lead to more damaging attacks or additional health. There are also challenge rooms to deal with, a variety of enemies, abilities and a large enough map to keep you engrossed. The chicken transformation, which could only be used to navigate through tight passages in the last game, now has a set of special moves of its own. 

Audience: The transformation of Juan from a lazy fighter who lost his touch to an even better, more skilled warrior is one that is very appealing. If you a gamer who loves to improve overtime and be patient with skill development, you are going to love Guacamelee! 2 since it is based on that very concept. The journey Juan takes is one to admire, and any true warriors at heart will enjoy being a part of it.

Platforms: The game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. 

Verdict: Full of action with a story that you would rarely find elsewhere, Guacamelee! 2 is one amazing adventure. The element of improvement and picking up skills as a fighter is very satisfying, and the successful implementation of those skills are extremely pleasing. We at Maverick IGS enjoyed playing it, and recommend that you have it in your game collection. 

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