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Full Metal Furies – A Mixture Of Genres | Maverick IGS Review

Released after a little over a year it was first announced, Full Metal Furies is an action-packed, quick-paced adventure game which is Cellar Door Games’ second project after Rogue Legacy. Its development began in 2014, and the mixture of genres the development team were able to make resulted in a very fun product.

Full Metal Furies Review on Maverick IGS

Story: Furies are four girls who are on a quest to cross a wasteland filled with monsters. This wasteland was once a place human beings called home. The Furies are trying to find and destroy god-like entities called the Titans. The Titans are the sons and daughters of the tyrant Cronus, and each of them desired a better world but had different ideologies. This clash led to a war that threatens to eradicate life as we know it. 

Play Style: Each player takes control of one of four adventurers. If you are playing solo, you control two and can switch between them. Triss is the leader, Meg is the near-sighted sniper, Erin is the brains, and Alex is the aggressive soldier who finds violence to be the first and last solution. Each of the ladies handle combat in their own way which keeps the game extremely fresh. They fulfill a unique role seen in many team-based brawlers. You must lead the ladies through the rich narrative of the journey and see the end of the game with them. 

Audience: Even though the game supports playing solo, it is not as much fun and playing online on servers can lead to a few problems because of network issues. If you are able to collect a couple of friends on a couch and play together, then the experience is on another level. So if you are used to gaming with a bunch of people, Full Metal Furies is truly action-packed. 

Platforms: The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Verdict: Full Metal Furies is a brawler. But, with a touch of a well-developed story and a variety of features added to the game, it reflects how well some games can integrate a variety of genres to convey one of their own that is very original. This game has done so, and we strongly recommend adding it to your collection.

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