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Is Severed Worth Your Time? | Maverick IGS Review

An action-adventure game that won iPad Game of the Year in 2016, Severed is strange, beautiful, and confusing all at the same time. It remains mysterious to the end of it, though it does not have too much of a story. Colorful and creepy, this game features a soundtrack created by Juno and Polaris-nominated band Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and Pantayo. It is heavily influenced by the classically famous game Fruit Ninja. 

Story: Sasha finds herself present in a very grim, bizarre, and downright freaky world. This happens after her family is murdered. A weird toothy character gives her the objective of finding their corpses before they are eaten, and she proceeds to do that and cope with the death of her family. 

Play Style: The game is a first-person view combat game in which you go around rooms to find enemies and fight them. The objective is to find the corpses of Sasha’s family before they are eaten. Enemy fights employ the use of a Fruit Ninja-styled swiping motion. However, you must swipe strategically and develop tactics according to the enemy you fight. New attack patterns are fun to learn and you accustom yourself to various combat strategies. Abilities also add depth to the game as they can be employed to win battles.

Audience: Any person who played and enjoyed Fruit-Ninja will definitely be a fan of this game as not only does it employ the swiping motion that characterized Fruit Ninja, but it builds up on it with various required techniques. 

Platforms: Severed is available on PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. 

Verdict: Severed is a downright freaky game to play. Its combat can get repetitive at times and it may be visually difficult for some due to the non-transitional rooms. However, the idea is simple yet brilliant enough to keep you on the hook til the end. Maverick IGS congratulates DrinkBox Studios on their successful effort.

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