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QUBE 2 – Brainteasing Puzzler | Maverick IGS Review

QUBE 2 is a puzzle game that follows up on its predecessor and ticks all the remaining right boxes. You do not need to mess with puzzles that will make you pull your hair out as the game gives you greater tools to have enough flexibility. The solutions are much more creative and rewarding as a result, and the wonderful game will leave you joyous at the end of every problem solved. 

Story: Amelia Cross is a scientist that has become stranded on the desolate alien cube where the game is set. A series of revelations follow as she tries to navigate and escape out of the cube, which attempts to piece together the secret of the cube Amelia is trapped in. Conversations between Amelia and Emma Sutcliffe, a fellow survivor who is certainly suspicious to say the least, unravel the story that leads to a choice to be made at the end. 

Play Style: The game is simply about moving forward. You enter rooms and explore in order to get out of it on the other end or interact with objects that will open your passage elsewhere. You have 3 abilities. Red blocks can be extended and retracted as you deem fit. Blue blocks turn white tiles into bouncing boards. Green blocks let you create a cube of matter that you can use to facilitate your navigation. You employ these abilities along with your puzzle-solving abilities, not to mention the various other details present in the game in order to make your way through it. 

Audience: Gamers with a thing for puzzle-solving will love this first-person view experience. Even though the artistic elements of the game may look like they could be improved upon, it is justified to say that the game certainly pulls on the right strings and stimulates your thinking skills. Problem-solving is an exciting task in games, and QUBE 2 certainly handles it right. 

Platforms: The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. 

Verdict: A maze-like world where there are mind-bending puzzles one after another, QUBE 2’s universe will cause you to adapt to its architectural structure and not quit till you find a way out of the place. Exploration leads to questions about your purpose and secrets, answers to which will certainly be entertaining. Maverick IGS enjoyed playing the game, and are quite certain you will too. 

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