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Pinstripe by Thomas Brush – worth your money? | Maverick IGS Review

Developed and designed over a five-year period by the one-man army Thomas Brush, Pinstripe is a delightful representation of hell in one of the most weirdest ways you can imagine. The atmosphere is the high point of the game and the artwork is done extremely well. It looks like something out of a Tim Burton film. Not only does it have its rich scenery and captivating environment, it features the voices of famous Youtubers such as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye. It was very successfully kickstarted, raising $42,494 within two days with the original goal of $28,000. The project finished having raised $106,729, which speaks a lot for a platform adventure game. 

Pinstripe Game Review on Maverick IGS

Story: An ex-minister named Ted is traveling on a train along with his three-year old daughter, Bo. Bo, being the little kid she is, suggests that Ted and her play detective and investigate the surrounding traces of smoke. After exploring the various carts, they come across Mr. Pinstripe, soon to be Ted’s demonic nemesis. After some grotesque leering, Mr. Pinstripe kidnaps Bo, saying that she will soon call him her father. As Bo is now in the hands of evil, Ted must do whatever it takes to rescue her and overcome Mr. Pinstripe. 

Play Style: The game is a platformer that involves a mix of puzzle-solving and combat. The combat can get mundane and death may seem too punishing for some players, as you have to tediously get back to the place you died. However, the puzzles are excellent, both in quality and in variety. The gameplay is smooth and rewarding, and it takes a little less than 4 hours to complete the main campaign of the game. 

Audience: This masterpiece deserves to be in the collection of every dedicated collector, for its unique artwork and mesmerizing setting. The eerie story and the matching environment set this game apart, and if you enjoy platform games Pinstripe is not one to miss out on. 

Platforms: The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

Verdict: Pinstripe is the perfect example of when quality is given more emphasis than quantity in games. It keeps things short and sweet with its atmosphere-driven play filled with rich, brain-teasing puzzles. Thomas Brush took five years to develop this game and we can see the work he put in in the form of the beautiful end-result. 

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