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Into The Breach involves a simple 8×8 grid but with such tactical depth that it will sometimes leave you scratching your head when you try and figure out a way of making it out of the turn-based battle quandary. It will leave you even more perplexed when you actually do succeed. City-destroying monsters, mechs, and pilots dominate the world of Into The Breach, and simplicity in its setup sets it apart as an indie game.

Story: In the far future, humanity is fighting against the Vek, an army of giant monsters trying to destroy the established cities and takeover. Soldiers, or pilots as the game calls them, operate giant mechs which can be equipped with armor, weapons, and other tools in order to fight against the Vek and survive their wicked attack. 

Play Style: The gameplay is semi-roguelike so every choice you make is important. There are 4 islands to choose from, with certain features on each island. Enemies and bosses, however, are diverse and randomized so you need to select the most optimal squad and weigh out the risks of battling in a particular region of an island. Every turn boils down to a clever puzzle against the enemies, and the reset capability allows for experimentation. Choices like protecting the mechs or the city, keeping yourself in majority or delivering a killing blow, are ones that have great significance and you must make them throughout the game. 

Audience: Into The Breach is not for the impatient. Some situations feel like no-win and the partial victories and compromise leave you with a desire to keep playing. Way of fighting is always different so it keeps things fresh. If that is what you are looking for in a strategy game, give Into The Breach a try!

Platforms: The game is available on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch.

Verdict: Tactical use of upgrades, improvisation, and thinking ability are all needed to successfully go through the 3 hour game. There is a wide variety of abilities and pilots, causing the game to be replayable. Every turn is a complex puzzle, and you must find ways of making the most of what you have. This element kept us at Maverick IGS wanting to play the game on a consistent basis, and that is what we believe Subset Games has executed outstandingly well. 

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