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Headline: Be a Vampyr! | Maverick IGS Review

An action RPG, Vampyr attempts at a fresh, genuine take on the supernatural mythological concept of the Vampire. The developers researched the setting they were going to design by traveling to London and consulting the history and documentations there. Olivier Deriviere mixed the original score he composed with industrial music. With excellent primary game mechanic, setting, character development and acting, the game was a collective achievement in the market. 

Vampyr Review on Maverick IGS

Story: After the Great War in 1918, Doctor Jonathan Reid returns to London but awakens in a mass grave as a vampire. Wanting for blood, he causes his sister Mary to die, who was looking for his body in the vicinity. Reid hides in an abandoned house from vampire hunters and starts to hear voices of his maker in his head. He realizes that London is filled with corpses, and follows his thirst from a blood trail that leads to a bar. 

Play Style: An action RPG from a third-person view, Vampyr involves the player controlling Reid whose thirst for blood must be quenched. He must gather information for his targets, which includes their characteristics, habits, routine, and clues. He must maintain relationships with 60 citizens under his care. The environment is a semi-open world established around hubs of neighborhoods. You improve your abilities and supernatural powers with the facility of a skill tree. Human blood provides sustenance and unlocks further powers. Defensive and Aggressive tactics are developed and you form skilled combat routines over time.

Audience: If you are into the supernatural and fiction then Vampyr is one of the most intricately designed indie game we have seen. Fans of the vampire mythology will particularly enjoy the little details hidden within the game so they ought to check it out. However, if you are not a fan of gore or raw bloodlust this game may not be for you.

Platforms: The game is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Verdict: The character development and dialogue conversations matched with the challenging combat and explorative elements in the game make Vampyr a particularly enjoyable adventure. Even the seemingly most insignificant of characters is given adequate importance, which makes the whole game an incredible escape from your daily routine.

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