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In Search Of A Fun Escape? Try Donut County! | Maverick IGS Review

There are very few games, if any, that can boast the fact that you play as an ever-expanding sink hole. Donut County has the honor, as you move the hole around to swallow prey, bricks, and a variety of other objects. The concept of the game originated in a game jam. The inspiration for the game came from Hopi figurines and locations from Bruce Springsteen songs. Its running time is brief, but it will keep you enchanted throughout the time you invest in it. 

Donut County Review on Maverick IGS

Story: Mina works for BK, a raccoon, at the local donut shop in the quirky town of Donut County. BK is interested in a new mobile app he came across and is attempting to earn enough points for a quadcopter drone. He does this by scheduling deliveries of donuts to the residents of the town. Mina, however, discovers that it is not donuts that are being sent by the app, but actual holes in the ground that have been consuming homes and people in the town. When BK gets his drone, Mina destroys it and orders a donut to the shop, causing it to be devoured as well. Mina, along with the other residents, now try to convince BK of the wrong he committed. 

Play Style: The gameplay has a very distinct personality and the idea is very simple yet as innovative. The player controls a hole in different levels and scenarios, and as the player swallows objects, the hole increases in size to devour even larger objects. There are a number of puzzling hurdles you run into, such as maneuvering water to make a bird consume it before you can proceed to swallow the other objects. The dialog between BK and Mina is at the forefront, and is always very light-hearted and fun. Each level adds to the basics with its own twist, and you discover new ways of interacting with the world.

Audience: This game is perfect for players looking for a new, fun idea in the industry. The color scheme and animation of the game is lovely, and for gamers who appreciate the graphics of an indie game will enjoy the weird set-up of the town. Gamers aged 12 and below will particularly appreciate this game for its pleasant implementation of cartoon characters and fantasy world. 

Platforms: Donut County is available on iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. 

Verdict: Even though it may seem like Donut County is too simple and had much more potential to be tapped into, it is still a game that is extremely innovative and enjoyable. The gameplay is soothing, and the quirky world of the town will leave wanting to be a part of it. Top that with its killer soundtrack, and you have a fun, brief escape for yourself. We at Maverick IGS would love it if you add Donut County to your game collection. 

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