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CrossCode – In CrossWorlds | Maverick IGS Review

A game that took 6 years to develop, CrossCode is an action RPG which had a three-year long early access beta phase and was crowdfunded on Indiegogo in 2015. Similar to games such as Owlboy, the development team went through great struggles in their attempts to complete their product. Its visuals are very interesting and the soundtrack is beautiful. Couple that with an immersive gameplay, and you have one great escape in the form of a video game. 

Story: Set in the popular MMO called CrossWorlds, CrossCode involves many people connected to the game through avatars which can communicate using their 5 senses. You take on the role of Lea, who cannot log out of the game. Suffering from amnesia, she cannot remember her last play-through. She starts off as a mute in the land which is set on a moon where the physical plane resembles the real world. Lea must rely on nonverbal communication at first and slowly be fed words she can use through her journey to the end. 

Play Style: The real focus of the gameplay is the combat system. The development of your combo skills is extremely satisfying. Big numbers pop off the screen as you defeat your enemies and the game can get really fast-paced depending on how well you have developed your technique. The art direction is amazing, from the character design to the setup of the landscape. Your avatar can be leveled up besides other simple upgrades for health, attack, and defense. Besides the combat system, the game is also very puzzle-driven, where you must solve certain problems in order to get where you want to be. This amalgamation serves to be an excellent experience. 

Audience: If you are easily bored by mundane gameplays and want something filled with action, CrossCode is where you will find your solace. Not just that, but the puzzles integrated into the game will make you keep your analytical thinking on the forefront and not just go aggressively into battle. Overall, if you are looking for a true heroic adventure, CrossCode’s Lea is who you want to be. 

Platforms: The game is available on Linux, macOS, and Windows. 

Verdict: Even though the game employs some trial and error where you must play a certain scenario several times to figure it out, a solid level design balances it out. The graphics may not be appealing to certain modern gamers, and the mechanics may seem out of sync at certain moments. Regardless, the game is one that you ought to keep in your collection for its quick-paced combat and intriguing development through its journey. 

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