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Braid – The Most Iconic Indie Game Of The Decade? | Maverick IGS Review

Braid is a game that led Jonathan Blow, the lead designer and developer, to be featured in the 2012 film, Indie Game: The Movie. It is seen as a milestone in the growth of indie game development and is considered by critics to be one of the greatest games of all time. When it came into the market, it was expected to revolutionize the gaming industry, and rightfully so for its perfect execution and intriguing ideas. The game had a total revenue of $6 million by 2015, which allowed Jonathan Blow to make his next game, The Witness. 

Braid Game Review Maverick IGS

Story: The story has been left purposefully ambiguous. Tim is in search for a princess who has been kidnapped. The relationship with this princess is odd and personal, not to mention vague. What is definitely known is that Tim has made a mistake with regards to her which he hopes to reconcile or erase. As one progresses through Braid, the storyline text gives further insight into Tim’s quest. 

Play Style: The gameplay is the main selling point of Braid and is truly innovative. It is based on time manipulation and even though it may look like something similar to Super Mario Bros., it is actually a physical puzzle game. There are six worlds in Braid each with different mechanics for time manipulation. The first one is simple and involves the mechanics of rewinding time. Then, as the game progresses and you enter into other worlds, the manipulations are different. Other features are also added such as objects not being affected by the time mechanics. It is really odd but clever implementation. Each world has a very specific use of the mechanics and you train yourself to put the manipulation to use. However, every time you get used to the world, there is a new world and a new mechanics system waiting for you. 

Audience: Players who are into developing a collection of classic games that have entered the market and established a place for themselves, with Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds being good examples, ought to play Braid for the legacy it has left. However, this game will test your patience like no other, so if you are not a fan of that better stay away because this game will leave you almost tearing your hair out. 

Platforms: Braid is available on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 3. 

Verdict: Several contemporary game developers have cited Braid as having influence on their game design. It has generated academic interest and praise for its complexity with time. It is considered the definitive titled that spread wide interest in independent games. The legacy of Braid speaks for itself when one finds that Tim is a playable character that is locked in the widely successful game Super Meat Boy. Thus, Maverick IGS considers it to be a game that deserves presence in every game collection. 

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