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A rhythm violence game set in a third-person point of view, Thumper is a game that is simple yet so sophisticated. Developed by Drool and programmed by Marc Flury, it is one of those beautifully innovative games that will stay in your head long after you put it down. Thumper was shown at the Experimental Game Workshop during the 2015 Game Developers Conference. A horror game full of immense action that takes you right to the gates of Hell, Thumper will keep you glued to your seat from start to end.

Story: A beetle-like creature is moving through a track surrounded by vast emptiness on its sides. However, Hell itself lies above and ahead of it, and it is your duty to guide the beetle and beat the cosmic bizarre entities at the end of each of the nine levels.

Play Style: Full of weird cosmic entities and a sinister soundtrack that will keep giving you goosebumps, Thumper requires little input but returns a lot of action. Gameplay involves just one button and movement, where the player must press the button according to lit “notes” on the visual track. The player must also avoid obstacles, turn against walls, jump over spikes and defeat enemies. The input matches the beat of the music, making the reward so much more fruitful. It is a very precision-based game, and there are smart cues throughout it indicating when you have done something right or wrong. These tiny rewards and punishments will keep you laser-focused and will give you the satisfaction similar to that of playing an actual musical instrument. The art that goes into the depiction of bosses is worth-admiring. Each level is broken into segments and the player can take as many tries to complete each level, with respawning occurring on the last checkpoint.

Audience: Thrilling, daunting, yet simple, this game is for people looking for the excitement that games bring. You really cannot do much else while playing this game, as it will require your complete and utter attention. If that sounds like you, do not wait and pick this game up for a try. If you have a VR set however, we urge you to play because it is so much more intense with it. You can look around the vast emptiness that surrounds you and the Hell that lies above. 

Platforms: Thumper is available on Windows, PS4, PS VR, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and iOS. 

Verdict: It will be extremely hard to resist playing this game over and over with its requirement of perfect precision and the game judging you for it at the end of every level. Its visuals are awe-inspiring, and the rhythmic thumps will give you tiny boosts of excitement every time. It ought to be in every player’s collection as one heck of a game. 

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