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Super Meat Boy is a pure 2D platform game designed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. It is developed by Team Meat, an independent game studio, and is the successor to McMillen and Jonathan McEntee’s 2008 flash game Meat Boy. The game boils game play down to nothing but running and jumping, with the main purpose in each scenario being the need to reach Bandage Girl, Meat Boy’s girlfriend. Team Meat describes it as “tough as nails,” as even with just two controls at your disposal, the developers do not fail to come up with brain-teasingly tough scenarios to obscure Meat Boy’s path. Super Meat Boy pays tribute to classic hard retro games through its game play and artistic design, and it is no coincidence that it shares its initials with Super Mario Bros.

Story: The story is themed classically and kept simple. Super Meat Boy is a boy-hero who has no skin. He is in love with Bandage Girl, a forever in-distress damsel who is made out of bandages. Bandage Girl must be saved by Meat Boy from the evil Dr. Fetus, who comically is always in a jar, wears a top hat, and a monocle. 

Play Style: The player controls Meat boy, who is a small, cube-shaped character to save small, cube-shaped Bandage Girl. The game is divided into several chapters, and the game overall consists of over 300 levels. In each level the player attempts to overcome the obstacles set by the developers with only two functions (running and jumping) at hand. Meat boy must avoid crumbling blocks, blades, and various other fatal obstacles by jumping, running, and sliding off terrains. But do not take the simplicity of the game for granted. Super Meat Boy requires fine precision and split-second timing. Even the slightest of mistakes will set you way back in the game with no checkpoints to make use of. Tough as nails, indeed.

Audience: If you are a big fan of 2D retro games or just looking for a mind-bogglingly difficult game to play, Super Meat Boy is for you! Even though the game is single player, you can sit down and take turns with your friends since the difficulty of the levels leads to several frustrated attempts to complete them.

Platforms: Super Meat Boy is available on a variety of platforms which includes Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Playstation 4, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

Verdict: Super Meat Boy is not an easy game and the simplistic brilliance of the difficulty tends to get on your nerves. But the game certainly is captivating and we found ourselves obsessed with completing level after level when we played. Team Meat has done an outstanding job and we here at Maverick IGS definitely recommend giving Super Meat Boy a shot!

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