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Amazingly good-looking yet extremely cruel, Rain World is a survival 2D platform game that is thrilling, but can also make you throw in the towel in utter despair. It is one of the most prettiest games you can play, with exceptionally well designed art and animations so fluid you would want to play it over and over. However, its difficulty level is brutal and the often imprecise controls get on your nerves.  

Story: Slugcat is a part-slug, part-cat creature who is stuck in a dangerous, derelict world. It is in search of its family but is completely lost as to where it is. Ecological catastrophe surrounds Slugcat, illustrated in pixel art. There is a worm that monitors the Slugcat and drops hints as to where it should go and what to collect at the beginning of the game. Besides that, Slugcat is free to roam and explore the desolate world with hopes of finding its family. 

Play Style: The gameplay is a mix of stealth and survival, but the element worth of immense praise is the design of the game. The actions and reactions of the characters are like no other, and the details that go into the environment are borderline-unneccesary. Slugcat has to eat and explore the seemingly endless map. The player can view the map to see their progress and is supposed to hibernate Slugcat to save progress. Once hibernated, Slugcat goes out to eat and explore more. Little guidance or goals are given other than that. Moreover, the mechanics of the game are not instructed, so the player is forced to self-learn how things work and the way enemies move. Exploring too much without hibernating leads to fatal rainstorms. If a new area is reached and you die without hibernating there, you are respawned back to your last checkpoint which can get extremely annoying for a game that has exploration as the sole objective. 

Audience: If you are gamer who loses their nerves very quickly with a game and become impatient, avoid Rain World like the cancer. It is obnoxiously tough and has received criticism for its absurd difficulty. However, if you play for the challenge and find the frustrating difficulty in such games entertaining, then Rain World is going to be really enjoyable. 

Platforms: Rain World is available on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Verdict: Though maddening at times, Rain World is still a masterpiece with its close attention to detail, both artistically and mechanically. Videocult rightfully spent six years on the development of this game, and we give it a sound thumbs up as a good quality game. 

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