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Owlboy is a platform-adventure game that has a gracefully weaved story in a world painted beautifully over your screen. It consists of a lovable cast of characters that have individual weaknesses, but together as a squad of misfits they are out to save the world. With its creative ways of combats and fresh fights, Owlboy is a 10 hour game that is truly worth the time invested. 

Story: In the land of the sky, the islands of the world have been separated by a catastrophe. Otus is a member of an owl-humanoid race called the Owls whose village is attacked by a band of pirates. He sets out on his voyage to save it from them, and in the process learns the secrets of the Owls. 

Play Style: Owlboy is a Platform-adventure game in which the player controls Otus who can only fly or roll. With its limited ability it seems as if the game cannot do much even though roaming around the gorgeously detailed world is a satisfying experience in itself. However, this is where Owlboy shines. Our player can carry his allies and rely on their abilities to overcome different obstacles and take part in combat. This is where the teamwork of the cast comes in and is employed so elegantly. Every ability is represented by a unique character with its own personality. This gives the game so much life and makes the player feel attached to each of the characters. Moreover, there is a variety of enemies with each requiring a different set of tactics in order to be defeated. This never lets combat to become mundane and the gameplay remains fresh.

Audience: Dedicated fans of platform games and especially those who are fans of Nintendo’s classic products would enjoy Owlboy a lot. If you have been a fan of adventure and are looking for a not-so-long, not-so-short experience that will take you away with its captivating features, then Owlboy is a must-play for you!

Platforms: Owlboy is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

Verdict: Owlboy took nine years to complete and is notorious for its long development cycle. However, with everything that is going on in the game, the time taken by D-Pay Studio is justified. Owlboy is a game with quite a unique idea, and we recommend having it in your collection!

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