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Can You Survive Lone Survivor? | Maverick IGS Review

Lone Survivor is a 2D survival horror video game developed by Superflat Games. It is an intense adventure and goes to show why horror games need not be flashy or graphically complex to be completely awe-inspiring and frightening. The game grabs your senses and holds them locked in place till you are done with the game. It is an emotional ride to take, and our review will break it down. 

Story: A disease has turned most of the city’s inhabitants into mindless zombie-like monsters and a nameless man (referred in the game as “You”), has been living in his apartment for a while trying to avoid the catastrophe. Out of supplies, the man is forced to explore for food, weapons, and other potential survivors. Following leads, hints, and maps, the man explores the apartment complex filled with monsters. Not only is he to struggle with the monsters, but with his own sanity as the conundrum starts to get to his head. 

Play Style: Lone Survivor is a 2D adventure-styled game in which the player must explore and pick up on hints and directions to go through to the end. It involves, sneaking, solving puzzles, and uncovering the story line. Weapons are used as a last resort against the monsters and you must keep yourself protected from them at all costs. With all of that going on, the player must take care of themselves simultaneously as they need sleep and food to eat. There are pills to tackle those needs but given the mental instability of the character, that only can make matters worse. This 3-4 hour experience is very emotional, and takes the player through a roller coaster ride that would leave them thinking. One nuisance that we noticed was the map being overhead, while the game itself being side-scrolling. This leads to misunderstood directions and can get really annoying sometimes.

Audience: If you are looking for a psychological horror game mixed with the excitement of dreaded zombie-like monsters, this game is for you. Anyone who is fond of playing horror games must give Lone Survivor a try, since it is truly an experience designed in a very unique manner.

Platforms: Lone Survivor is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and Wii U.

Verdict: Given the uniqueness the game brings to the horror genre and the emotionally captivating story line, any game collector must give Lone Survivor a try. It is a well thought-out, well developed game and the short experience of it is truly thrilling. 

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