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With mesmerizing visuals and an awe-inspiring color scheme, Journey is an adventure game that is simple yet stunning. It is short, but stands as a perfect combination of music and video integrated into a game. It is the third project of Thatgamecompany with Sony Computer Entertainment, and lives up to the philosophy of the developers to really touch the players who go for their games.

Story: Journey’s story is simple and told wordlessly through the gameplay and cut-scenes. You, as the player, guide a nameless cloaked traveller in an endless world of sand. The goal is set from the very beginning: reach the shining mountain top that beckons to you. To avoid any spoilers, we leave out any details as to what happens during the game as the story unravels step by step. So, play the game and discover the touching short story of Journey for yourself!

Play Style: The game is not mission-based and has no score to be kept. It is more of an emotional investment and the play mechanics are more like tools for the player to experience the game for what it is. Running, jumping, and speaking is all that is needed to do. There are certain points in the game in which the scarf of the cloaked character can be lengthened to fly higher and farther, getting closer to the goal. The most interesting part of the game, however, is the possibility of meeting someone else along the way who might be playing the game. This is a very unique multiplayer experience as there are no texts, no messaging, and no chatboxes. You may experience the whole game from start to end with someone else but still remain strangers. This is a very beautiful aspect of the game and builds upon the emotional connection one builds with it. 

Audience: If you are a fan of games that touch the heart or have a strong emotional story behind them, then just download the game and play! Thatgamecompany is renowned for games that have an emotional focus and Journey certainly lives up to the repute. The extremely well-designed graphics will move and amaze you, and even though the game is short it will stay with you for longer than you play it. 

Platforms: Journey is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

Verdict: With rolling sand and magic cloaks, coupled with a heart-touching score that comes and goes at the right moments, Journey is an experience that will make you sit and ponder after you are done with it. Grab some quality headphones and play, we at Maverick IGS are sure you will not regret it. 

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