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Out of Limbo and now INSIDE! | Maverick IGS Review

INSIDE is the successor to independent studio Playdead’s hit game Limbo. It is a puzzle-platformer adventure game and features a similar 2.5D gameplay. The player controls a boy in an eerie world, solving puzzles that surround him and avoiding death. It is a long awaited follow=up to Limbo and is beautiful, haunting, and terrifying. It leaves the player intrigued, wonder, and astonished by its intricate artistic detail, smooth mechanics, and mysterious vibe. 

Story: The game starts off with a boy sliding down a rocky incline. From that point onwards INSIDE takes on a journey so mysterious, so intense, and so thought-provoking that we urge you to play before someone spoils the plot for you. There is no real explanation of why the boy is in the forest, why he chooses to go into the facility where mind-control is used to control grey zombie-like bodies, or what the boy hopes to achieve there. In light of the mystery, you are sure to develop a theory of your own as you go through it and would have heated discussions with your friends regarding it.

Play Style: INSIDE’s gameplay is quite similar to Limbo’s, since it was developed on Limbo’s custom game engine. The player controls the boy as he progresses from one side of the screen to the other. There are only two functions at hand (jump or interact) and the developers give subtle clues throughout the game as to where the player must go. Similar to Limbo, you die a lot in this game. The puzzles are set in a way that death occurs first before you respawn and figure out how to avoid it. However, the way of death is so varied that it keeps you intrigued, rather entertained with its artistic craft. With no onscreen instructions or spoken words, the three hour campaign keeps the player engrossed in the gameplay and leaves no room for criticism. 

Audience: If you have played Limbo and loved the game, then we strongly urge you to play this game. If not, then both, Limbo and INSIDE, are masterpieces by Playdead for gamers looking for a short, intense, mysterious experience.

Platforms: INSIDE is availabe on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and iOS. 

Verdict: The incredible final moments of INSIDE will leave you confused, dumbfounded, and speechless. The moody lighting and sound design makes you want to stop and admire the perfectly crafted environment. It is therefore that we strongly urge any gamer to play INSIDE as this is a must-have in one’s collection. 

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