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Is Fez Worth The Play? | A Maverick IGS Review!

Games used to involve little function but could do a lot to twist, turn, and play with the gamer’s mind. Fez, developed by Polytron Corporation, is a tribute to that as it takes a long gone era and combines it with new ideas. With its old-school pixelated visuals and bright, vibrant colors, Fez reinvests one of the most oldest and beloved genres in the industry. It is aesthetic with its lively visuals and catchy sound design, and our review pays homage to the “underdog darling of the indie game scene.”

Story: The game follows Gomez, who is living peacefully on a 2D plane until he receives a red fez. He witnesses the destruction of a giant, golden hexahedron, which causes the tearing of the fabric of spacetime. This reveals the third dimension, causing Gomez, and hence the player, to rotate between four 2D views. Gomez must now collect the pieces of the hexahedron, represented in the shape of cubes and cube fragments, to bring back peace and order to the 2D universe.

Play Style: The gameplay is styled in a classic jump and explore manner but the traversal between four views makes the player really think. That one simple mechanic makes the game astoundingly complex, but the player can explore the world at their own pace with no rush. The game does not tell you what to do or where to go as you collect bits and pieces of the hexahedron, run into rewarding treasure chests, and find hidden doors. Though getting stuck is frustrating, the reward of breaking through is even more fruitful.

Audience: If you are a fan of the old-school pixelated genre of games and want to experience that with a modern twist, Fez is for you. It is the brilliance of modern games combined with the simplicity of the past, and hence is a must-play for any die-hard fans out there.

Platforms: Fez is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. 

Verdict: Fez has reinvigorated an old genre and is a reminder as to why that old-school world matters. It does justice to the idea that even with the basic maneuver a game can be extremely complex, and we recommend it to any gamer looking for an exciting challenge. 

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