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Fe – Electronic Arts’ First Promotion of Indie Developers | Maverick IGS Review

Fe Game Review on Maverick IGS

Fe is the first game in the “EA Originals” series, which is an attempt by Electronic Arts to promote games by indie game developers. It is a 3D platform action-adventure game, with aesthetically pleasing graphic design and a soundtrack that sets the whole tone for the game. Due to its “hands-off” approach, it lacks communication and may seem unclear sometimes, but the wordless journey is visually striking. It is compared to games likes Journey for its limited-instructions and subtle story-telling approach.

Fe Game Review on Maverick IGS

Story: Fe is a fox-like creature in a forest setting. It reacts very responsively to the songs of the creatures and plants within the forest. The creatures, however, are being attacked by entities called the Silent Ones for reasons not known. This threatens the whole forest’s wildlife and Fe must defend it against the enemy. It is able to sing to other creatures and objects to get their help, which in return can teach Fe new songs that add to his abilities. Using these acquired abilities, Fe must defeat the Silent Ones to save the forest. 

Play Style: You control and play with Fe in a 3D platform world depicted as a mystic forest. You form bonds with different animals through singing and learning their language. This gives abilities to Fe which it can use to defeat the Silent Ones. Sometimes the movement of the player may seem slow and clunky, but generally the exploration is well put together. Fe learns six different singing voices, each corresponding to a different ability. However, the variety of combat is limited even though the art that goes into it is striking. Audio is a very high point in the game as it takes you away with its melodic tunes. The system, however, could have been used more creatively as the abilities are not employed in the most innovative manner. 

Audience: Avid players of 3D platform games would definitely enjoy Fe. The sound system integrated into the game is simply amazing, so if you are one to get carried away by the tunes that go into a game, you will definitely enjoy Fe. It is for all ages but younger gamers would appreciate the cuteness that the developers have employed in the aesthetics. 

Platforms: Fe is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

Verdict: Even though it may seem that Fe might have missed out on a few opportunities with regard to its gameplay, with its artwork and aesthetics it is, overall, a well-designed game. Maverick IGS suggests you to pick it up for its 3-4 hour short journey. 

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