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Should you play Cuphead? Check out the Cuphead Game Review 2019 | Maverick IGS Review!

Should you play Cuphead? Let’s find out! Read the Cuphead Game Review in 2019.

Cuphead is a 2D platform action game created by Studio MDHR, an indie game studio. The game is primarily focused on boss battles. This action run and gun game reminds you of the cartoons of the 1930s era. The visuals as well as audio are specifically created using the same tradition techniques of the time. In fact, even the characters and backgrounds created, used traditional animation techniques of using pen and paper. This incredible game is a throwback to the golden age of animation and games. 

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Story of Cuphead Game

Living on the fictional Inkwell Isles, Cuphead and Mugman venture out alone against their elder’s warnings. They enter in the Devil’s Casino where they begin playing craps. Once they are on a winning streak, the Devil offers to raise the stakes. If Cuphead and Mugman win the roll on more time, they will receive all the money in the casino; but if they do not win, the Devil will take their souls. Cuphead loses by rolling snake eyes. Cuphead and Mugman begged the devil for mercy so the Devil makes a deal with them: if they collect the soul contracts that signify his ownership of his runaway debtors by midnight the next day then he may let them keep their souls. So, Cuphead and Mughead set out for the adventure of a life time!

Play Style of Cuphead Game

The game is heavily focused on run and gun sort of 2D platform games. Primarily you have to kill the boss fights which are much more harder than they appear to be. The game is a very challenging game for all ages and a must for a 2D platform game lover.

Audience for Cuphead Game

If you like a challenging game with a nail biting experience then this one is for you! Also, if you love 1930s era cartoons produced by Fleischer and Walt Disney animation studios, then you will have a great experience playing this game as it will take you to the good old days of traditional animation and great visuals. 

Platforms available for Cuphead Game 

Currently this fantastic game is available on Windows PC and Xbox.

Verdict on the Cuphead Game Review 2019

We hope we did a good job explaining the game in this Cuphead Game Review 2019. We had an amazing time trying out this game. The game will give you thrills as you are just close to achieving the objective! Every boss battle won felt like a real achievement. The game is a great escape and very engaging and involving. We love the old school cartoon theme and consider this game as one of the must haves for any game collector!

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